We started out with Muffins and still bake them the same way, fresh baking through the night and delivering fresh every morning. No mixes or muffin bases, all of our recipes are unique and still made from scratch whether grating carrots and zucchinis, using whole bananas or toasting walnuts, it's all done by hand.

Wild Blueberry Bran

with oat bran, buttermilk and wild maritime blueberries

Chocolate Banana

made with whole bananas and a belgian dark chocolate

Carrot Oat Crumble

Zucchini Walnut

made with Ontario zuchini and toasted walnut

Pumpkin Pepita

made with Ontario pumpkink topped with a cinnamon sugar and roasted pepitas

Wild Blueberry Crumble

made with wild maritime blueberries and sour cream and a butter streusel

Raspberry Crumble

Sweet Potato Cornbread

made with rosemary and sage with a white cheddar crumble

Double Chocolate Muffin